Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Promise Is a Promise!

This report is on a lesson called Keeping Your Word. The lesson is from Created For Work by Bob Schultz.

You've probably guessed what the lesson is about by the title.

Sometimes you make a promises that will be tempted by something fun (or anything that you would like to do) after you have made that promise. When that happens you need to be strong and resist the temptation to give up what you have to do. If you do the Lord will bless you. It may not happen at that instant, or it may not happen in this world;but the Lord will bless you! Most of the time that blessing will always include peoples trust in you.

If you are a person that does not do what he promises then the people that make promises to will not trust you any more. We should always be seeking to please our Heavenly Father and He commands that we should not lie.

Pray For Haiti

To Read the Field Report click HERE.

Children pray.

Horrible destruction.

Mr Peter Bradrick from my church is in Haiti right now. He is part of the RESCUE HAITI'S CHILDREN team founded by Mr. Doug Philip of Vision Forum.

Haiti is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. On Jan. 12, a huge earthquake hit Haiti. Since January 23 more than 150,000 people have died and many more are still missing.

Mr. Doug Phillips has put together a team called RESCUE HAITI'S CHILDREN and they are now in Haiti helping the survivors. This paragraph is from Mr. Doug Philips website where he explains his team's mission. He has live reports on his blog.

My mission to Haiti is four-fold: First, I will be establishing one of the only distinctively Christian reporting operations to tell stories of both the present crisis and the work of Christians on behalf of the sick and the widows and the orphans in the midst of Haiti’s present horror. Second, I will be working to facilitate the rescue and delivery of orphans to Christian families in America. Third, I will be identifying specific families that need direct support from the people of God in America. Fourth, my team will be providing specific relief to people in distress.

I can't even imagine the awful destruction and pain in Haiti right now. I think of all the people who have lost their wives, or husbands, and children. Many children are now orphans and many orphans from the orphanages have died or are hurt with no family to comfort them.

I pray that God will have mercy on the children and people of Haiti.

This makes me think about how we are bothered by the little things happen to us and we despair about them. I think about these people, they have no money, food or family to take care of them and love them and almost everyone was very poor before the earthquake. Little things shouldn't bring me down and I should be grateful for everything I have. Pray for the people of Haiti.

Slush and Ice

The snow is melting a little bit every day. We still have snow, just not as much as before. Now we have ice! My siblings sled on the ice now. It's faster than riding on the hard snow. It's also a relief for my chickens! Now they can get to the bugs, frozen or not!

Here are some more pictures:

Nathan sledding down the driveway.

Our driveway and street.

Our snowman.