Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Grand Adventure...well, sort of!

Three nights ago me, my sister Merisa,and my younger brother, Nathan, planned to set up our tent in our backyard. We put an electric cord from the house to the tent,and plug up a lamp in it. Our mom didn't think it was safe.

The next day our dad bought us a flashlight. The we couldn't find batteries for the flashlight! I finally found some batteries (from my brothers lightsaber.)

We started our night out by playing a board game inside the tent. After that we each read a book. Our batteries started to go dead in our flashlightso we turned off the flashlight and crawled into our sleeping bags.

After a few seconds I started to sweat like crazy and so was my brother!

My sister left to sleep in her room because it was so hot. When she opened the door to her room the door squeaked so loud it woke up my mom.M y mom asked Merisa why she was back inside the house and where we were. She told her that she had come back because it was so hot and that we were back in the tent roasting. My dad had heard Merisa explain and told her to call us to come back inside to sleep.

When we were back inside our dad told us that he did not want us to sleep in the tent because it was so hot,but that we could sleep there the next night if it wasn't so hot.
The next night was perfect but no one wanted to sleep inside the tent with me so I slept there alone. This time I had a fan inside but I didn't need it because it was cool.
In the morning I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. It was a great adventure.

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