Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The snake

A few days ago I went outside to cover my chicks cage because it was starting to rain.

When I got to the cage the chicks were all huddled up in a corner of the cage away from the sleeping boxes peeping wildly. I started to try to push them inside the sleeping boxes, but they kept jumping back into the corner. Then in one of the boxes I saw a huge snake. It was longer than 5 feet. The snake was posing for a strike at my arm.

As soon as I saw the snake I opened the cage door and let the chicks loose. At the same moment it started to pour. Some of my chicks ran under our shed while others ran under the bushes.

I ran to the house to get my gun and then I ran back to the cage. The snake inside the box was coiling and uncoiling. I wasn't able to aim at the head because it was moving so much so I just shot it's body. The snake started moving like crazy.

I had to shoot it several times before it tired out. I finally was able to aim at the head and kill it.

It took about 15 minutes to catch all the chicks (I have 20 chicks). I had to put them in a smaller cage that I had used when they were younger.

The next day I noticed that one of the smaller chicks was just standing around and occasionally sneezing. I took it to my room and kept it wrapped up in a towel and let it sleep in my room for the night. The next morning it seemed better and I let it go with the other chicks. I threw away the snake. I don't know if it was poisonous or not,but it had a triangle shaped head,and I have read that means it was poisonous.

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