Friday, October 3, 2008

I Samuel, Chapter 3

This entry is from my Bible Journal last week. My Dad has our family read and study the Bible together every evening. Before I go to bed I write in my journal how God spoke to me through the Bible.

In I Samuel, chapter 3, we read how the Lord speaks to Samuel 3 times. He assumes he's being called by Eli. What impressed me is that even though Eli told Samuel he was not the one calling him, Samuel continues to go to him when he hears the voice again. Now that is obedience and attentiveness! Maybe I would have ignored the voice after Eli told me that it was not him calling me. Hopefully, I would recognize that it was God calling me. Well, when God calls Samuel the fourth time, he obeys Eli and says, "I am your servant, Lord, speak." The Lord speaks to him and tells him that he will judge Eli and his sons. What impressed me again is that God can talk to children, and not just adults.

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