Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Samuel Chapter 15 - Pride & Obedience

Hi, I'm back. I havn't been able to write in my blog because I've been so busy with scoolwork and chores.

Here is what I wrote in my Bible Journal on October 3, 2008:

In Samuel,chapter 15, Samuel tells Saul to destroy the Amalekites and all the livestock. Instead of obeying the LORD, Saul spares king Agag and the best of the livestock. Later on the Lord tells Samuel that Saul has disobeyed him. Than Samuel goes to see if Saul has obeyed. When Saul sees Samuel coming he goes to meet him. Saul greets him by saying," Samuel, I have obeyed the Lords command!" Samuel, "Then can you explain those animal sounds I hear, and why is King Agag still alive? Have you not obeyed the LORDs command?" Saul says, "aaa...the peaple have brought the best of the animals to sacrifice to the LORD. And king Agag? The people have brought king Agag as sort of a trophy." Samuel reprimands Saul for his disobedience. He declares that his kingship has been taken away from him by the LORD and will be given to another. Samuel tells Saul that to obey is better than a sacrifice.

What I learned:
Saul was very proud when Samuel scolded him for disobeying. Saul blamed the people for what he had done. Let's not be like Saul. Let's try to be like Solomon. He was humble before the Lord. He confesed that he was no wiser than a little child and that he needed God to direct Him. We should ask God to direct us in our lives. If we do somthing wrong admit it. Let's be humble soldiers!

Being humble is hard but the Bible says, "God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble." Being humble means not to always have an exscuse whe you get caught doing somthing wrong ,or blaming other people for what you did. Let's admit it that we are all very proud sometimes. I can be very proud and I ask God to help me to be humble and lowly like Jesus.

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