Monday, June 28, 2010

God Forbid.

This Sunday, June 26, 2010, Mr. Brown talked about Galatians 6:11-18. The title of the sermon was:

God forbid that I should boast- except in the cross of Christ.

We should not use our Christendom as a way to bring glory to ourselves. We should glorify God in all we do. Any actions we do, do not save us. It is the Lords mercy that saves us, if we obey his commandments. Once you are saved the world will hate you. You will be persecuted and mocked, but if you stay strong your reward will be great! The gospel can be very terrible or very wonderful to someone. It depends if you are a true Christian or not. We should be proud to be Christians. But that does not mean that we are better than everyone that is not a Christian. We are sinners saved by grace alone.

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