Monday, June 28, 2010

Not a Good Offering

Sermon report:

This is a sermon report on Mal. 1:6-14 which was preached by Mr. Horn on Sunday, June 17 . In verses 6-8 the Lord tells how the priest disrespect the laws of the Lord and how their attitude shows that they think that the Lord should accept whatever they give Him. The priests were giving the kind of bread that had been given to idols. They also would not prepare the sacrifices the way that the Lord had commanded them to. Then when they were told what they were doing wrong they would say, “What are we doing wrong?” The Lord challenges them by saying that if they had given the governor the same objects would he be happy with them? The Lord gives them a second chance by telling them to ask for forgiveness and plea for mercy. In verse 11 the Lord says that sinners and heathens all over the world will come to love him and worship him. In verse 13 the people say that it is a weariness to serve the Lord. The lord tells them that if a man has the ability to give the best and does not then He will curse him. Another way of putting that is like coming to church and falling asleep in the middle of the sermon or singing just because the other people are singing, or reading and praying to God to save yourself and not because you love and fear God. These are all corrupted offerings and the Lord is NEVER pleased with these kinds of offerings.

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