Monday, June 28, 2010

What Did We Do Wrong?

On Sunday June 27, 2010, our elder, Mr. Horn's sermon was about Malachi 2:11-17.

Malachi 2:11-17 (New King James Version)

11 Judah has dealt treacherously,
And an abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem,
For Judah has profaned
The LORD’s holy institution which He loves:
He has married the daughter of a foreign god.
12 May the LORD cut off from the tents of Jacob
The man who does this, being awake and aware,a]">[a]
Yet who brings an offering to the LORD of hosts!
13 And this is the second thing you do:
You cover the altar of the LORD with tears,
With weeping and crying;
So He does not regard the offering anymore,
Nor receive it with goodwill from your hands.
14 Yet you say, “For what reason?”
Because the LORD has been witness
Between you and the wife of your youth,
With whom you have dealt treacherously;
Yet she is your companion
And your wife by covenant.
15 But did He not make them one,
Having a remnant of the Spirit?
And why one?
He seeks godly offspring.
Therefore take heed to your spirit,
And let none deal treacherously with the wife of his youth.
16 “ For the LORD God of Israel says
That He hates divorce,
For it covers one’s garment with violence,”
Says the LORD of hosts.

“ Therefore take heed to your spirit,
That you do not deal treacherously.”
17 You have wearied the LORD with your words;
Yet you say,

“ In what way have we wearied Him?
In that you say,

“ Everyone who does evil
Is good in the sight of the LORD,
And He delights in them,”
Or, “Where is the God of justice?”

Here are some of my notes:

The name Judah is another name for Israel.

The Lord will not accept the offering of the people because of the adultery that the men of the city have committed. One example of this happening is that the people have given sacrifices that are not up to God's standards. The Lord told them to give a lamb or animal without blemish to the priest to sacrifice to God. But the people were giving animals that were blind, sick, lame, or even stolen! There is one mistake that we cannot make while reading this passage of scripture. We have to see that this passage can and does apply to us! A false offering can be many things. Here are some examples of a false offering:

· A false offering can be a prayer in the midst of other people to impress them with the prayer or with your supposed holiness.

· It could also be that you go to church just to show the congregation that you are a pious person.

· It could be that we only obey our parents while they are watching us and not at all times.

· You can also pray for forgiveness of a sin and you still do it over again, and again, and again.

But in this chapter the men of Israel have committed adultery against the wives of their youth. And because of this the Lord will not accept their offerings. And then the men say, "Where have we sinned? What did we do wrong?"

God HATES divorce!

"Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let non deal treacherously against the wife of your youth..."

How do you deal treacherously with the wife of your youth?

-Lusting. Going to places on the computer or other places that you know you will be tempted or see things you shouldn't see.

-Being unkind.

-Not loving or cherishing her as the weaker vessel.

-Not washing her with the Word of God.

The men of Israel would ask God over and over again to accept their sacrifice. The Lord would grow weary of listening to the peoples pleas. God would tell them that they were wearying him with their false sacrifices to him. But they would only say "What did we do wrong?"

We weary God when we call evil "good" and good "evil."

Don't expect your prayers to be answered when you don't do what God tells us to do.

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