Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday my Dad and I read a chapter from Created For Work by Bob Schultz. We read this book and another one which I will write about later, when we spend time together to talk and learn. This lesson was called Side Stepping Discouragement. The lesson was about dealing with discouragement.
Fact: When we work we will always meet up with discouragement.

Here is an example that I made up from my own life.

I won't clean my room anymore becausethe last time that I did my parents said that I missed alot of areas. That thought comes from feeling discouraged.
What I Should think: My parents pointed out areas that I need to work on. Next time I'll do an even better job and make sure I take care of the areas they told me about.

We should never allow discouragement to stop us from doing what we have to do.

If I don't feel like cleaning my room (or any other job), instead of feeling bad about what I have to do I should just do it! If you do what you don't feel like doing the feeling of discouragement may disappear completely.

Discouragement makes a person lazy because they feel sorry for themselves and have no motivation to do what they don't feel like doing. We don't always have motivation to do what we have to but that is life and being responsible. Remember, discouragement will make you lazy and then selfish, thinking only of yourself. The feelings of discouragement, laziness and selfishness can destroy a person. Crash through the walls of discouragement like a real soldier of God should.