Saturday, January 16, 2010

Persecution for Christ

I promised earlier this week that I would post some sermon reports. Here is one of my overdue sermon reports.

Mr. Horn talked about 2-Timothy 3:10-17 .

We are to expect persecution from men when you speak the Gospel in public. You cannot speak about the Gospel in the public without some man (or woman) rising up against you. That is a good sign. The devil knows that what you are doing is right so he will try to discourage you and persecute you. It is an honor to know that you are suffering for Christ. If you speak the true Gospel and don't do what you preach than you won't offend the world, but you will offend God. That's how you know what your doing is right...if others are offended by your godly life!


It is impossible to completely demolish the Bible out of this world. We should not think that it was our forefathers or us that protected the Word of God because it was the Holy Spirit.

If you learn something new from the Bible or from a man of God and don't apply it to your life you will be worse off than before you heard it.

All of scripture was inspired by God.

The Bible has answers for every problem in life.

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