Friday, January 29, 2010

Finish First

Two nights ago my Dad and I were reading a book called Created For Work by Bob Schultz.

The lesson we read was called Promptly After, But Not Before.

The lesson was about not excepting pay before you start or finish a job. Think about it...
Let's say that you offer to clean Mr. Stern's yard tomorrow (Friday) . He will be at a business meeting and won't be there the day you clean. Mr.Stern offers to pay you in advance and you except the offer. The next day(Friday) you're not feeling well. You're not able to go clean Mr. Stern's yard like you said you would. The next day (Saturday) Mr. Stern comes back amd sees that his yard is still a mess. And as you can imagine Mr.Stern is not exactly a person who takes excuses kindly. This causes difficulties and now Mr.Stern is sorry he trusted you and that he gave you money in advance. He will definitely not want to hire you to do yard work for him again.

When you get paid before you finish your work or job you may have little motivation to finish your work. You may not try as hard to do your best work when paid ahead because you were already paid before time. When you wait until you finish your work to get paid you look forward to receiving your reward after you finish your work. This often motivates to do your best to please the person employing you.

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Abigail Prudence said...

I know that book! It is some very good reading. Take the money afterward, yup, I have a little homemade bread biz and I always make people pay afterwards, cause if something happens on either end there are no hard feelings! :) These are very good thoughts!

God Bless You!
Abigail Prudence